Energy Saving & Retro-Fitting

OR Construction specialise in the highest levels of standards and workmanship in making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our energy saving solutions include:

  • The insulation of rock wool quilted insulation 150mm laid in different directions to make 300mm total insulation.

  • A draft seal installed around perimeter of the attic access hatch.

  • Access hatch to be insulated.

  • Water tank insulated on all sides.

Some additional services include:

  • Internal bylining of walls and windows with insulated plaster boards.

  • Installation of energy efficient heating time clocks heating and hot water controls into zones.

  • Installation of a frost thermostat attic water tank to prevent water tank from freezing in extreme temperatures.

  • Lag existing attic pipes with armaflex 18mm insulating lagging.

  • Upgrading of existing heating systems (installation of new condensers Boilers 97% efficient and high energy out put convector radiators).

  • B.E.R. certification and ratings on existing and proposed houses.

  • Gas insulation and connection to main gas lines.

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